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Sailhorseshop is the start for purchasing Sailhorse, and all Sailhorse parts and Sailhorse systems which enrich the use of your Sailhorse.Sailhorseshop is a service activity for Sailhorse sailors and (future) owners. From specific Sailhorse parts to ready-to-sail produced Sailhorses (see tab 'types'), it can all be arranged via Sailhorseshop. Sailhorseshop can also be of use for specific parts of Sailhorse Glider, the Impala and the Allegro. Allegro is the name of 50 in the UK build Sailhorse look a likes. You can find a lot of information on the website of the class organisations www.sailhorse.nl and www.sailhorse.de . Members of these clubs have the benefit of 5% discount on all prices.

You can not order by using the cart, please mail your order to info@sailhorseshop.nl. You will than receive a confirmation per email, later followed by a seperate mail with the invoice.. After payment the order will be shipped. Delivery of parts will be planned in cooperation with the buyer.. Delivery of a complete Sailhorse takes 7-9 weeks. All prices shown are VAT included; shipping costs are not included.

New hull in stock

In order to be able to deliver now, a white hull in RAL9010 is avaiable diectly from stock


The Sailhorse class is known as the polychrome class because Sailhorse was ever produced in many colors and the last 25 years even in any RAL color at clients desire. Customizing is like realizing your Sailhorse dreams. Doing so you can order the fuselage in three different colors (deck- inner deck- and hull form) in any RAL color, as wel as order spar and boom in any RAL color of your design. Even the powdercoated keel can be fit in your design. Customizing is also possible in other areas. The Sailhorse class rules allow mutiple solutions on systems and materials used. Under tab 'systems' you can see existing systems beeing explained understandably. They might help you getting new ideads and insights...

Rather one question to much than one not asked!

Sailhorseshop is an initative of Henk’s Assist en Trading.